Medior Brand Ambassador

Zaventem, Belgium

🚀 WANTED: The World's Second-Best Brand Ambassador! (Because the best one is probably too expensive) 🚀

Job Title: Medior Brand Ambassador (1 to 3 years experience)
Location: Anywhere brands need a superhero 
Contract: Full-Time Rockstar Status

🎤 YOUR MISSION, should you choose to accept:

  • Be the Voice: Speak brandish like it's your native tongue. Become one with the brands. Be the brands. (Just don't eat the brands, okay?)
  • Storytelling Mojo: Weave enchanting tales that captivate minds, tickle hearts, and make people eager to become client or employee.
  • Impact Like Thor's Hammer: But, you know, without the destruction. Help our brands leave a mark, not a scar.


🔎 ARE YOU...

  • Made of 70% creativity and 30% coffee (or the other way around, we're flexible)?
  • A human Swiss Army knife of branding, marketing, and the ancient art of meme magic?
  • Packing a graphic design punch so fierce that even Photoshop gets scared?
  • Fluent in internet and able to talk to millennials, zoomers, boomers, and everyone in between?



  • The fame of being the second-best (because modesty is cool)!
  • A vibrant community where we not only have barrels of fun but also swap best practices like they’re collectible trading cards. Get ready for an overdose of inspiration!
  • A team that's more supportive than a memory foam mattress.
  • The chance to turn brands into legends. Or memes. Or legendary memes.



Send us the usual stuff (CV, motivational letter, your favorite joke) and answer the following question: If you were a brand, what would your slogan be?



Experience as a Marvel superhero is not required but will be a plus. Ability to understand sarcasm and sprinkle humor is, however, mandatory.