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Ingrid Stoop

CEO - Operations & Financial Expert

Ingrid is our conductor of financial and operational symphonies at Prosatt. With a background rich in experiences at leading organizations, Ingrid brings a profound knowledge of financial management, strategic planning, and mergers and acquisitions to her current role.

Her leadership philosophy is based on transparency, accountability, and above all, empowering the team. Ingrid strongly believes in creating a work environment where everyone has the space to grow, resulting in a team that is motivated to excel and does not shy away from challenges.

Ingrid’s approach is unique; she integrates intuitive and analytical skills into her financial management, which enables Prosatt to respond dynamically and flexibly to both market opportunities and challenges. Under her leadership, Prosatt is a thriving organization focused on sustainable growth and where every employee feels valued.

Ingrid is more than a financial expert; she is a true leader who understands how essential people are to the success of any company.

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Philippe Damen

Chief Commercial Officer - Commercial Expert

Philippe is a commercial strategist whose name is synonymous with innovation and impact within the industry. As the founder of Prosatt and a pioneer in forging powerful SMarketing strategies, Philippe has distinguished himself as an expert in driving business growth and optimizing commercial processes. With a background rich in diverse roles, Philippe has developed a keen eye for market trends and customer needs, making him a sought-after advisor for companies aiming for technological and commercial advancement.

His ability to forge deep customer relationships and lead a community of performance-driven professionals has helped Prosatt stand out as a leader in the industry.

As a visionary who continuously strives for improvement, Philippe inspires his team and clients to push boundaries and reach new heights.

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Wes Van de Ven

Chief Legal Officer - Legal Expert

With an impressive track of over two decades in the legal world, Wes is the driving force behind the legal acumen of Prosatt. As Chief Legal Officer, he lends his expertise in various legal fields including contract law, commercial law, corporate law, and mergers and acquisitions.

Driven by a passion for innovation and improvement, Wes constantly seeks new ways to refine and integrate legal practice within our comprehensive services. His approach to legal issues is methodical, ethical, and always aimed at sustainable results.

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Dimitri Poels

Chief Marketing Officer - Marketing Expert

Dimitri is known as an expert in the art of marketing and Go-to-Market strategies. As Chief Marketing Officer, he has utilized his expertise to transform and optimize marketing efforts, elevating both rebranding and storytelling to new heights. With a career deeply rooted in both professional and IT services, Dimitri has proven that his creative approach enhances business growth.

Driven by the belief that marketing is more than just selling products, Dimitri sees it as his mission to tell stories that resonate and build relationships that last. His approach focuses on making an indelible first impression and consistently fulfilling that promise, ensuring each brand story deeply connects with its audience.

At Prosatt, Dimitri leads a dynamic team of marketers and creatives, driven by a common passion for innovation and excellence.

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