Financial Controller

Zaventem, Belgium
🚀 WANTED: Financial Wizard with a Flair for Dashboarding Magic! 🎩💼


Job Title: Medior Financial Controller (Experience: Not your first rodeo)
Location: At the very heart of our Money Metropolis (our cool name for HQ)
Contract: Full-Time Financial Alchemy



  • Nose for Numbers: Sniff out discrepancies with the precision of a bloodhound on caffeine.
  • Spreadsheet Sorcery: Excel isn't just a tool—it's an art. Sculpt data like Michelangelo but with cells and formulas.
  • Dashboarding Dynamo: Transform heaps of financial data into sleek, understandable, and visually appealing dashboards. Make those numbers dance!
  • Profit Prognostication: With your magical forecasting abilities, predict financial futures better than any crystal ball.
  • Guardian of the Gold: Protect and manage our financial treasures, ensuring we're more Smaug than broke dragon.

🔍 ARE YOU...

  • Brewing a potent potion of analytical skills and detail orientation?
  • Fluent in the ancient languages of Accounting & Finance?
  • Able to make numbers tell thrilling tales?
  • Wielding a wand (or mouse) that can turn data into dazzling dashboards?
  • Made up of 50% caffeine, 40% genius, and 10% humor (because why not)?


  • A team that laughs at your finance jokes (because we get them)!
  • An opportunity to not only count beans but to make them multiply magically.
  • Endless learning potions and growth spells to level up your wizardry.
  • A view of the Money Metropolis skyline (we've got a pretty neat office space).


Send us your magical scroll (your CV), a charming owl post (cover letter), and share a tale of your most epic financial quest.



No actual magical powers required, but a love for numbers and a good sense of humor are absolutely essential!