Change Manager

Zaventem, Belgium
🚀 WANTED: Change Magician at Prosatt! 🎩✨

Job Title: Change Manager / Transformation Wizard / Change Virtuoso 
Location: Castle of Innovation (our headquarters) 
Contract: Full-time Eternal Magic Pact

Are you so adaptable that even elastic bands would be jealous? Is 'change' your middle name? Can you not only persuade but also embark people on an epic journey to the Unknown? If you're the Gandalf of organizational change, read on!



  • Design and execute magical change processes that even the most reserved colleagues would find enchanting. 
  • Craft and utilise impact analyses so clear they might as well be crystal balls. 
  • Map out everyone involved in the quest, from HR heroes to IT innovators. 
  • Communicate the holy grail (aka objectives) of each change process with the flair of a bard. 
  • Advise, inspire, and magically clear all obstacles on the path to change.



  • Knowledge of secret spells (business processes). 
  • Leadership charisma that can lead armies. 
  • A satchel full of persuasion, understanding of people, and communicative magic spells. 
  • An open grimoire (mindset) and the understanding that every wizard's apprentice reacts differently to change.



The opportunity to be a part of the Knights of Change. A platform to spread your magic and make a genuine impact. Legendary adventures and magic potions (aka coffee) aplenty.


How can you join our wizard's guild? 

Send us your magical scroll (CV), an enchanting letter, and a tale of your greatest change adventure.