Employer Branding as-a-Service

Welcome to the dawn of a new era in talent attraction and retention. Prosatt introduces Employer Branding as-a-Service, a revolutionary approach designed to redefine your organization's identity as an employer of choice.

In today’s dynamic job market, the power of a strong employer brand cannot be underestimated. It's the beacon that attracts top talent and the glue that binds them to your company. At Prosatt, we understand this power and are thrilled to offer you a service that encapsulates it.

Employer Branding as-a-Service by Prosatt is more than just a service; it's a transformational journey for your brand. We blend marketing ingenuity with HR insights to create an employer brand that resonates with your ideal candidates and current employees alike.

Employer Branding Essentials

Kickstart your employer brand journey

Embark on the foundational phase of building your employer brand. Our Essentials package is designed to set the stage for your journey, creating a strong and attractive employer value proposition that resonates with your ideal candidates.

Objective: Establish the foundation of your employer brand.

  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP) Development: Craft a compelling EVP that resonates with your ideal candidates and reflects your company culture.
  • Employer Brand Narrative: Create the initial story of your brand as an employer - who you are, what you stand for, and why people should work for you.
  • Basic Digital Presence Setup: Ensure your employer brand has a solid digital footprint - starting with a basic but impactful career page and LinkedIn company profile optimization.
  • Initial Content Creation: Develop key pieces of content like introductory employer brand videos, blog posts, or infographics that share your company's story and culture.

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Advanced Employer Branding

Elevate your employer brand

Take your employer branding to the next level with our Advanced package. This phase is all about expanding your reach, deepening engagement, and solidifying your presence in the marketplace as a desirable employer.

Objective: Expand and deepen the employer brand's reach and engagement.

  • Advanced Content Strategy: Develop a more comprehensive content strategy, including regular blog posts, employee stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into company life.
  • Social Media Engagement: Elevate your social media presence with regular, engaging posts and interactions that build community and showcase your company culture.
  • Email Marketing for Recruitment: Create an email newsletter dedicated to careers and opportunities at your company, building a pipeline of interested candidates.
  • Employer Branding Events: Host or participate in career fairs, webinars, or other events that put your employer brand in the spotlight.

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Full-Spectrum Employer Branding

Mastering your employer branding

Immerse yourself in the comprehensive world of employer branding with our Full-Spectrum package. Here, we offer an all-encompassing approach, ensuring your employer brand excels across all channels and touchpoints, adapting dynamically to market trends and positioning you as a leader in attracting top talent.

Objective: Fully integrate and continually innovate your employer branding strategy.

  • Comprehensive Digital Presence Management: Oversee and continually enhance your digital presence across all platforms, ensuring consistency and engagement.
  • Ongoing Content and Campaigns: Develop a rolling calendar of content and campaigns that keep your brand at the forefront of potential candidates' minds.
  • Employee Advocacy Program: Implement a program that encourages current employees to become brand ambassadors.
  • Continuous Market Analysis and Adaptation: Regularly analyze market trends and candidate feedback to refine and adapt your employer branding strategies.
  • Long-Term Strategic Planning: Work on long-term strategies for employer branding, anticipating future shifts in the job market and candidate preferences.

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Add-On: Vacancy Marketing

Objective: Highlight specific vacancies with targeted promotion.

Targeted Job Ads: Create and promote specific job ads across various platforms to reach the right candidates.

Social Media Highlights: Use your social media channels to spotlight individual vacancies, showcasing the roles and the unique aspects of working at your company.

Customized Recruitment Campaigns: Tailor specific campaigns for hard-to-fill or critical roles, ensuring they get the attention they deserve.

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Why Prosatt is your perfect match 

for employer branding


In the competitive quest to attract the best talent, your employer brand is your strongest ally. Prosatt understands this better than anyone else. Here’s why we stand out as your ideal partner for employer branding:

Comprehensive branding strategy

 At Prosatt, we don’t just create employer branding; we craft compelling narratives. Our approach involves understanding the essence of your company culture and values, and then weaving these elements into an attractive, cohesive brand story that resonates with potential candidates..

Tailored solutions

We know that each company is unique, with its own set of values, culture, and vision. That's why we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Our employer branding strategies are customized to reflect your unique employer proposition, ensuring they align with both your workforce and your wider business objectives.

Expertise and insight

Our team of experts brings a wealth of knowledge in both marketing and human resources. This dual expertise allows us to create employer branding strategies that are not only creative and engaging but also deeply aligned with HR objectives and talent acquisition strategies.

Join Prosatt’s 

employer branding journey

Ready to transform how potential employees see your brand? Partner with Prosatt and let’s build an employer brand that not only attracts but also retains the best talent. Together, we’ll ensure that your company isn’t just a place to work, but a place where careers flourish.