Prosatt's proud partnership with the Belgian Golf League

At Prosatt, our passion for excellence drives us not only in the realm of business but also in the world of sports. It is with immense pride that we announce our sponsorship of this year's Belgian Golf League Corporate, an event that beautifully aligns with our dedication to fostering connections and enhancing business dynamics through the spirit of sportsmanship.

The prestigious opening night, held on March 27, 2024, at Jeux d’Hiver in Brussels, marked the commencement of the fourth edition of this illustrious event. The evening was more than just a celebration; it was a vibrant gathering of 48 renowned companies along with their guests and partners, setting the stage for a series of seven exceptional golf events planned across Brussels and Antwerp from April to September.


A night to remember

The launch event was a spectacle of connection and anticipation. It served as a perfect prelude to the competitive spirit that would define the coming months. As we mingled with representatives from other top-tier companies including Belfius, Proximus, Audi, and many more, the air was thick with the promise of exciting challenges and new friendships.


Introducing Prosatt

During the opening night, Philippe Damen, the proud founder of Prosatt and a self-professed golf addict, took the stage to draw an elegant parallel between the challenges faced in golf and those in business. "Just as in golf, where we navigate various challenges like different terrains and unpredictable elements, in business, we must also be strategic and precise," Philippe explained.

Prosatt, as a leading provider of tailored business services ranging from sales & BID support to marketing, legal, and financial operations, positions itself as the caddie in your corporate game. Guiding and supporting companies through business challenges, Prosatt ensures that your strategic decisions hit the mark every time.


Why we sponsor

We believe in the power of community and the importance of stepping out of the office to engage with peers in a relaxed yet spirited environment. Our sponsorship of the Belgian Golf League Corporate is a proof to our commitment to these principles. We are excited to contribute to an event that not only promotes professional networking and business opportunities but also personal growth and enjoyment.


Looking forward

As the season unfolds, we are excited about the upcoming matches and the opportunities they bring to deepen our engagement with the community. We are enthusiastic about backing our team and rejoicing in every drive, putt, and victory. This partnership underscores our belief that blending sports and business can cultivate a dynamic culture of excellence and enjoyment.

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