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Shaping tomorrow. Today!

Press Release:

Shaping tomorrow. Today!

Zaventem, 13/09/2023

Prosatt is excited to announce its official launch on September 13, 2023. Born from the vision of founder Philippe Damen, Prosatt offers companies a beacon of guidance in the vast business universe, spotlighting pathways to growth and innovation.

Philippe Damen and his team, bring forth their comprehensive suite of services designed specifically for businesses in pursuit of strategic acceleration. “Inspired by the boundless potential I’ve witnessed in various industries, I founded Prosatt. Our mission? To guide businesses in crafting their future, today!”  shares Damen.

Prosatt’s strategy encompasses four pivotal growth drivers: Grow, Optimise, Transform, and Specialise, all while focusing on core areas of Sales, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Operations and HR.

A distinguishing pillar of Prosatt is the Triple A approach: Analyse, Advise, and Assist. This framework allows the team to delve deep into a client' needs, provide actionable insights, and, accompany them through the implementation, ensuring tangible results, every step of the way.

Prosatt has an array of experts, specialists with in-depth expertise in crucial domains. With these experts, Prosatt guarantees tailored solutions, always prioritising exceptional added value.

Prosatt emphasises customisation, as evidenced in its three collaboration models: Solutions, Services, and Staffing. The 'Solutions' provide turnkey answers to challenges, from strategic planning to transformations. The 'Services' model delivers a range from advice to execution, and they will soon introduce "As-A-Service" solutions. The 'Staffing' model allows companies to effortlessly scale with Prosatt experts.

“We see every company as a star with immense potential. At Prosatt, we commit being the  satellite, navigating each star to their moonshots.” said Damen.

Embarking on this mission, Prosatt invites companies to join them in facing the challenges and opportunities of the vast business cosmos. Let’s shape tomorrow, today!

About Prosatt:

Prosatt is devoted to assist enterprises into their growth. With its team of experts and a razor-sharp focus on value addition, Prosatt offers a spectrum of solutions, ensuring businesses achieve their goals. At the heart of its offerings is the Triple A approach, a promise of guaranteed results. 

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For inquiries or more details about Prosatt’s launch, please reach out to:

Philippe Damen


0484 62 34 63

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