HR Business Partner

Zaventem, Belgium
 🎉 WANTED: HR Superguide at Prosatt - The Change Catalyst! 🌟

Job Title: HR Business Partner / People Pioneer / Culture Crusader
Location: Epicenter of Enthusiasm (That's Our Office)
Contract: Full-time Champion of Change Status

🚀 Dive into the Core of Human Potential 🚀

 Are you that person who seems to always understand what someone truly needs? The one who can align personal aspirations with business objectives? The one who loves to work at the crossroads of human potential and organisational growth? Do you also bring with you at least 2 years of experience, stamping your passport as a seasoned HR adventurer?

Then, Prosatt is looking for an HR Superguide like you!


Strategic Management of Personnel Processes
Your strategic insights ensure smooth hiring processes. People analytics data is your compass, guiding you in retaining talents, ensuring both continuity and quality.

People Development and Coaching
Once the stars align and the right people are aboard, your mission is to keep the cosmos in harmony. Training and continuous education of leaders and team members fall under your wing.

Synchronise with Business Management
Being the direct point of contact for the management on HR matters, you maintain a helicopter view. You're always a step ahead, shaping the business actively and ensuring its growth.

Management of Change Processes
With increasing digital demands, roles may evolve, and work structures need flexibility. You're the maestro directing this digital symphony, ensuring transitions are smooth and efficient.

Employer Branding
Breathing life into our company culture and creating growth avenues is your forte. You craft communities where employees resonate with the company's ethos while also showcasing our brand to the outside world.

🕵️‍♀️ ARE YOU...

  • Equipped with the finesse of a diplomat but the energy of a start-up enthusiast? 
  • A mix of experience, wisdom and just the right amount of playful rebellion? 
  • Have you danced the HRjig? Brilliant! Show us your best moves.


  • A community where mentorsip tastes just as good as grandma's secret cookie recipe.
  • A canvas to shape and roll out you HR innovations. 
  • Legendary gatherings. Because at Prosaat we work hard and play hard. 


Serve us your resume on a silver platter, pair it with a cover letter that's punchier than the office gossip, and share an experience where you turned an HR challenge into a win. 

Note: Owning a magic wand to instantly resolve office mysteries is a plus, but not mandatory.